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Admission procedure

Parents can apply their child in St. Teresa's Kindergarten by filling out a "Registration form" via the school website or at our school. After which the school will contact you to arrange for you to visit the school to get a better understanding of our school environment. 

School visits

Please call the school at (852) 2813 8567 to arrange a visit.

School timings

Office Hours (Monday to Friday)
8:30 am to 5:00 pm
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm (Lunch Time)

School Hours (Monday to Friday)
Morning section :8:45 am to 11:45 am (Mon to Fri)
Afternoon section:11:45 am to 3:00 pm (Mon to Thurs)

Note:Do not leave your child unattended or unsupervised before the school door has opened. The school is not responsible for any child left unattended before the drop-off time. Once school is over, parents and helpers are requested to promptly collect their child after school.

If a friend or neighbor is picking up your child, please inform the class teacher in advance, for the safety of the child we will not allow them to leave without prior notice from parent or guardian. 

School Fees

The school operates from September to June. Fees are to be paid for 10 months of the year. Fees are due by the 5th of the month. A fee invoice will be put into the child's folder when the fees are due.

Important: Do attach the fee invoice with your payment. It is required for our school records.

School Holidays

St Teresa's Kindergarten operates for 10 months of the year – from September to June. The school is closed for all government-listed public holidays. A holiday list is given to all parents at the start of the academic year.

Withdrawal Policy

One month's notice is required if you withdraw your child from St Teresa's Kindergarten. The withdrawal notice should be given to the Principal, by email or in writing.

Clothing, Personal Items

Children should be neatly dressed in comfortable and suitable clothes and shoes, without too many buttons, belts and buckles. A spare set of clothing and underwear should be sent in case of a toilet mishap.

It is advisable to label all coats, jackets and school bags to prevent a child taking home the wrong item.

Do not send any toys to school unless advised by the class teacher.

School Work

After completion of each theme you will be given some of the work that your child has done. Please return the plastic folder to school the following Monday.

School Absence

Please phone or email to the office or class teacher when your child is absent-either due to sickness, or if away on holiday.


It is advisable to inform the school if your child needs special attention or if he/she is allergic to any medicine or food.

If your child is sick, do be considerate and ensure that he/she has completely recovered and is past the infectious period prior to sending him/her to school. A doctor's certificate is needed if the child has suffered from any infection, such as mumps, chicken pox, measles, etc.

Medical Emergencies and Accidents

In case of an absolute emergency, when neither parent can be contacted, a member of our staff will accompany the child to the Emergency Unit of the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital in Stubbs Road.

Typhoons and Heavy Rainstorms

The Education Bureau decides when to close kindergartens and schools during typhoons and heavy rainstorms.

Parents should listen to the radio or television (or consult the EDB website) to receive such announcements on the closure of schools and the kindergarten and for the latest weather updates.

The kindergarten will close when:

  • Typhoon signal No. 3 is hoisted
  • Typhoon signal No. 8 is hoisted
  • Red Rainstorm warning is in force and
  • Black Rainstorm warning is in force
Birthday Celebrations

Birthday parties can be held during school hours only. If you intend to celebrate your child's birthday at school, it is best to inform the class teacher at least a week in advance.

Teacher Communication

We encourage you to make an appointment with the class teacher to discuss your child's progress, or any school-related problems. Parents are requested not to discuss such matters with the teacher when children are entering or leaving the school.

Do notify the school if your family has moved to a new address. It would help us contact you in an emergency.

School Outings

The school will organize school outings periodically. Notification letter will be sent home with details of the planned excursion. Parents are welcome to assist and join us on these outings. However, such trips will be cancelled at short notice should there be a change in the weather.

Parents-Teachers Meeting

The school will hold two meetings per year. These meetings will give parents an opportunity to speak directly with their child's teacher, and discuss their development throughout the school year thus far. It will also be a chance to ask questions or voice concerns directly to teachers.


Please do check the school apps or email  for school-related information that we put up regularly.

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